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Winter Gardening Tips: Starting And Sewing Seeds

There’s a foot of snow on the ground and that’s not even counting where we’ve piled the stuff we’ve shoveled. So you might think you’re off the hook for preparing your garden. But gardening contributor Melinda Myers says you may want to rethink that. If you’re especially motivated to add some non-monetary green to your life, mid-February is not too early to get going. 

There are a couple things gardeners can get started in winter, like seedlings. “If you like the challenge of starting plants from seed, all you really need is a window, some quality potting mixer – seed starter mix – and then some seeds.” 

Myers suggests recycling containers used for yogurt or applesauce, and poking holes in the bottom. She also says you should look at the suggestion for when the plant should be moved outside, to ensure the seedling will be moved at the right time. 

You don’t want the plant to get too large indoors, Myers explains, “[because] then you’ve got these long, leggy plants with weak stems and it’s more of a shock to the plant as you transition it outside.” 

Mid-February is also a great time to start sewing perennial plants, according to Myers. “This time of year, we’re going to start things like perennials, cool season annuals like pansies, calendulas, snap dragons – and we’ll start those now.”

Melinda Myers will be appearing at the Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show at various times, February 15-18. 

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