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Tips To Trim Your Garden

Home Lotus Plant Care Tips

While caring for these plants, you need to indulge in pruning and trimming techniques as well. This will ensure that the plants grow with the perfect structure which is essential. Here are a few trimming tips that will help you understand, when to trim and how to conduct trimming.

Individual Needs
This is something you need to remember when trimming the plants in your garden. The trimming needs for individual plants differ from the other. This is why you need to ensure that you are performing the right trimming as per the plant requirement. In case of a mismatch, you will be playing around with the structural integrity of the plant in question.

Use Sharp Tools
When looking for tips for trimming plants, you will find that most people suggest using sharp tools. When you use dull or rusty tools for this process, you might just affect the plant and injure it by pulling in too many efforts to trim the plant. You will need to make sure that your trimming and pruning tools are sharp just before the season begins. You have hedge trimmers, in case you have grown a hedge. For other purposes you will need to use sharp shears that will make both trimming and pruning as easy as possible.

Sterilize the Tools
Your plants are as prone to infections as you are! Always remember this! If you tend to use tools that are not properly sterilized you may cause infections in the plants. This infection can spread rapidly causing death of the plant. In case you want to avoid any such thing, it is always good to use tools that are sterilized to trim or prune your plants.

Remove the Diseased
You don’t directly begin working on the entire plant. You begin with inspecting the plant properly. You should ideally look out for the broken, damaged or diseased portions of the plant. This is where you will begin trimming your plants from. There are many plants that suffer broken limbs as they begin growing. For perfect growth, you need to remove this portion of your plant.

Check the Progress
While you are calculating on your trimming techniques to control the growth of your plant, you may want to check on the progress caused by the trimming. This is one of the most beneficial tips for trimming plants. You will need to step back and see how your plant looks. Is trimming necessary or it can be stopped? You will need to verify the technique you have implemented too. This way you would be aware of how the trimming technique is helping you.

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