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Tips for controlling earwigs in the garden

Earwigs are common pests in California gardens. Although earwigs are not dangerous or poisonous, these little critters are not easy to control.

A number of commercial baits, traps and sprays are available that can help. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

If you prefer more organic forms of control, try using rolled-up newspapers to trap earwigs at night. Don’t toss the newspapers into the trash, as the earwigs will scurry off rapidly. You must place the newspaper with earwigs in tightly sealed containers in the sun until the earwigs have died. Or you can try drowning them in soapy water.

Some say the earwigs can also be trapped in tuna or cat food cans sunken flush to the ground if you add about a half-inch of oil to the can.

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Source: Joyce Dean, a member of the Garden and Floral Arrangers Guild

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