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Spring Gardening Tips

    Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) — With the warmer temperatures, many of you may be anxious to get in your gardens. But for those of you with the gardening itch, it may be best to wait.

    Although the sun is shining some yards and gardens aren’t ready to be started quite yet, but there are some things you can be doing to prepare.

    Angela Bartelson/Baker Garden Gift: “If your ground is squishy and you still have standing water you certainly don’t want to be tilling it up at this point.”

    Soil is ready for gardening once it is free of ice crystals and crumbles easily. Once soil is beginning to dry up you can prep it with fertilizer.

    Once your soil is dry it’s best to start seeds for things like peas, spinach, and lettuce. These vegetables do better in colder temperatures.

    For things like tomatoes and peppers, it’s best to wait until the weather tracks with more consistent warmer temps. If you started tomato plants inside, you can start acclimating them now.

    Angela: “With the warmer days and the warmer nights they can think about anything that they started growing, getting it outside, under their patio and their decks, starting to get it used to the temperatures, getting it used to being outside, we do need to think about that we’re going to have some of those frost days to be bringing them back into the house.”

    It’s also a good idea to start acclimating perennials now, but keep an eye on the forecast before you plant to ensure you’ll have blooming May flowers.

    If there is still snow on your lawn, you should move it around to prevent snow mold and start placing fertilizer.

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