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Readers weigh in on Veterans Affairs, Ross Perot and President Obama

VA health system

I wonder why anyone in the print or electronic media fails to recognize that the problems we’re now seeing with the Department of Veterans Affairs medical systems are a harbinger of what we can expect if our government takes over the nation’s medical care with a single-payer system.

Or maybe it’s not such a mystery, given that those in the same media are totally in favor of the government taking over our health care and loathe to express any opinion that might be critical of it.

You can be sure that when that same bunch of bureaucrats are faced with a similar but many times bigger responsibility, there will be delays, lost or nonexistent paperwork, indifference and a lack of responsibility.

It will cause us to look back to our present medical system with great deal of nostalgia.

Robert Reimers


Roberts must debate

Hey, Sen. Pat Roberts, why don’t you get out of your recliner in Dodge City, Kan., and debate your GOP opponent in the primary, Dr. Milton Wolf? Are you afraid you might have to actually move to Kansas?

Vivian Martin


Ross Perot memories

I certainly agree that we have have a pathetic bunch in Washington, D.C. However, once upon a time, the Democrats needed a sacrificial lamb to run against George H.W. Bush, so Bill Clinton surfaced.

That’s cool, but unfortunately a very successful “American businessperson with some common-sense knowledge, decency and an agenda to get us back …” (5-30, Letters) came along as the third-party candidate. Enter Ross Perot.

The non-Democratic Party-type people really loved this guy, especially corporate people who knew that the crew in Washington would bankrupt any private company. All during the campaign, from people across the country, I heard nothing but, “We need a change. I’m voting for Ross.”

But a strange thing happens when you get into the voting booth. You don’t want to take a chance on voting for a loser.

Only the committed take it on. Most Ross Perot votes came from people like me who didn’t really trust either party.

So, Bill Clinton won on the votes cast for Ross Perot. Bill never did thank me.

Neil Simmons

Bates City, Mo.

Governor wrong

I don’t care what party your political alliances lean toward. It is so wrong for the governor to hold state funding for education hostage to get his way on vetoes of tax breaks, or any issue for that matter (6-25, A1, “Nixon freezes school funds”).

The education of our young people is essential for the success of our country. How can uneducated people be expected to be informed voters, let alone succeed in life?

Any politician who is going on this road should be impeached, or at the very least not be re-elected.

Leanna Kryzck

Blue Springs

VA oversight faulted

Everyone has been throwing rocks at Eric Shinseki, former secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. But how about some for the 25 members of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs?

According to their own website, they are tasked with “oversight responsibility, which means monitoring and evaluating the operations of the VA.”

The noun “oversight” has two listed meanings:

1. An intentional failure to notice or do something.

2. The action of overseeing something.

It makes one wonder which action this committee or any congressional oversight committee is actually doing.

Tom Burgess


Teachable moment

Those who bash President Barack Obama for announcing the date of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan have not considered that the alternative is an unending commitment of our people and money in a war that is unwinnable.

The American people typically lose patience with an endless war, as we did in Vietnam.

Foreign powers waging war in faraway countries usually lose those wars because their troops can always come home.

Guerrillas (or insurgents) typically win their wars because they are already at home and have no other place to go.

The Vietnam War taught us this, and not having learned our lesson, Iraq and Afghanistan are teaching it to us again.

James Obertino

Warrensburg, Mo.

Feeding hungry kids

When the powers that be figure how many food stamps a recipient is going to receive, do they figure all the qualified family members and three meals a day?

Some people have raised concerns over children going hungry during the summer because they don’t get free or reduced-cost meals at school.

Foolish me, I didn’t know that the taxpayers fed schoolchildren more than one meal a day. Everyone is involved in feeding the children — Harvesters, church groups and U.S. taxpayers.

Has anyone seen the party that should be responsible for feeding and caring for the kids — the parents?

John Lovelace


Leawood libraries

As a resident of Leawood for more than 20 years, I couldn’t agree more with the city’s ordinance that prohibits structures such as Little Free Libraries (6-25, A1, “Little libraries out of circulation in Leawood”).

I for one do not want people wandering the streets of my neighborhood looking for reading material.

How soon will it be before we have a proliferation of crackheads aimlessly walking up and down the blocks of our city searching for a Danielle Steel fix?

And what about the public health risk? Where have these books been and what germs do they carry?

Could one of Bill O’Reilly’s books about a murder (Lincoln, Kennedy, Jesus) be a weapon of death itself, with traces of the bubonic plague in its pages?

And what about the idea of reading books? That could lead to imagination and ideas, dangerous concepts that could threaten our moral fabric.

Finally, what about the structure itself? What will the signage be?

Will there be proper drainage and landscaping that pass the city’s codes?

These are questions that need to be asked and answered in a public hearing so our city government (especially Jim “Where do you draw the line on front-yard structures?” Rawlings) can realize how ridiculous they are.

Jeff Nessel


Use trails for runs

There are nearly 1,000 miles of trails in Missouri state parks and many great trails in Kansas.

Our taxes pay for these trails, and as an Eagle Scout, I’ve been on some of them and can tell you from experience that they are excellent.

These trails lie empty every time there is a marathon in Kansas City.

Urban marathons block traffic, shut down half the city, harm businesses and create an enormous traffic jam, which takes all afternoon to navigate, delaying the buses, making people late and ruining groceries.

Few will dare to address the problems caused by urban marathons because of the worthy causes people are running for, but that is no excuse when there is a superior alternative that would be better for both the city and the runners.

Even aside from the logistical nightmare that the urban marathons create, our city can never compete with the fresh air and greenery of our state parks, no matter how many fountains we build.

The urban marathon events are a terrible waste on both aesthetic and practical efficiency grounds, and they should be moved to the wonderful dedicated trails of our state parks.

Benjamin McLean

Kansas City

Going after speeders

Kudos to the Kansas City Police Department for cracking down on speeding drivers.

For way too long the police have let drivers get away with breaking the local traffic laws.

The streets were getting dangerous with impatient and reckless drivers.

I hope police officers will start to focus on drivers who don’t stop at stop signs or don’t come to a complete stop before turning right on red lights.

The situation has gotten out of hand.

This means the police will need to have more of a presence on the streets of Kansas City — something that seems to have been a rarity in recent years.

Larry Bilotta

Kansas City

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