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Orem’s Mayor Brunst sets goals for 2016

Orem Mayor Richard Brunst is excited for the new year and the many things that will happen in the city in 2016.

The following are just a few of the things Brunst is looking forward to taking place in the next 12 months.

New facilities

“In 2016, I look forward to moving ahead with the building of a new splash pad for the children of Orem in one of our city parks,” Brunst said. “I am excited to begin construction on a new and well-thought-out dog park for our pet owners.”

Brunst also said he is excited to hold open houses to gather ideas from residents on building the new all-ability playground in the City Center Park.

“This will be a big deal,” he said. “It will involve fundraising and volunteer building efforts from the public. But mostly, it will involve building a great place for those who are disabled to come and have fun and enjoy a park playground just for them.”

The all-ability park will be the first in Utah County. It is anticipated it will attract residents from throughout Utah Valley who will come to Orem. 

The panhandler issue

Brunst said that in the coming year he would like to look at new ways to address the growing issue of many people panhandling on street corners.

The mayor indicated one local organization recently suggested having those residents who wish to give money help donate to a fund to help pay for food or housing, and then to give cards to those who are out on the streets to show where they can get that help.

“It is an interesting idea,” Brunst said. “It makes it so that those who need help can get it, but those who are only out to get money will look to other avenues.

“I would hope that we could work together to help those in need and to discourage those who misuse people’s efforts to be generous.”

Utility master plans

The council and city leadership have been working hard on a fair but funded Utility Master Plan that will help with upkeep and repairs on aging infrastructure.

“It is important to plan for the future, to take care of our utility assets, and to provide the resources for our city for the years ahead,” Brunst said. “As such I look forward to working with the city and the residents to put into place the ways and means to keep our city in good working order in a manner that works for both the residents and the city needs.”

State Street Master Plan

“This past year a comprehensive master plan has been developed,” Brunst said. “I would like to see the beginning phases of work to improve, beautify and modernize State Street to the benefit of the businesses that are on State Street.”

Along with that, Brunst said he wants State Street to be more resident and walking friendly, and to see the area move forward in beauty and usability.

Welcoming newcomers

“Orem is moving forward with many new businesses, new students, new residents, new homes, new apartments, new restaurants and new friends,” Brunst said. “I would like to make an effort on the part of all of us to welcome these new people and additions to our city.”

Brunst knows first hand about the welcoming nature of Orem’s residents. 

“I remember when I moved to Orem in 1992,” he said. “One neighbor invited me to live in their basement for free while my wife and I built our home. Another neighbor invited us to combine our efforts on landscaping and fencing. I was so impressed with their friendliness.”

Brunst said even though it is hard to embrace change, he hopes that in the new year residents will all find ways to help and befriend those who are new to Orem.

Job development

“I believe it is important to continue working with businesses and Utah Valley University to help develop new jobs for our youth, students, business people and families within Orem,” Brunst said.

He noted 70 percent of Orem’s population growth is from the city’s growing families.

“To provide for this growth it is important to develop new companies and new jobs for the support of those families and residents,” Brunst said.

Quality of life

“I love what Orem has to offer,” Brunst said.

He listed several things he believes enhance the quality of life in Orem, including library resources and events, youth sports programs, recreational facilities, parks, art and cultural events, storytelling events, the history museum, and Cries of Freedom and Colonial Heritage Festival events in the Scera Park.

“I hope that we can continue to develop and build on the success of these areas that produce a great quality of life,” Brunst said.

“Mostly for 2016 I would like to continue to just build our city for the future of our families and friends to be a place of warmth and friendliness for all who live, work and play in Orem.”

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