The Obama Presidential Center and surrounding property in the Southside neighborhood of Chicago will include a sledding hill, sports center, Women’s Garden and a museum featuring historic items from the civil rights movement, according to new plans released Wednesday.

“Since announcing initial plans in May, the Obama Foundation has made several changes to the design of the Center to reflect input received by the community. These changes are the result of the Obama Foundation participating in numerous stakeholder meetings, seven public meetings with over 2,000 attendees, and a dozen fairs and festivals on the South Side,” the foundation said in a statement Wednesday.

The main building was designed based on an image of hands coming together in a sign of unity.

“The initial design was merely conceptual. Since May, we have refined the design, creating a proportioned tower more emblematic of the OPC’s message of hope and inspiration. In creating a more slender structure, the height changed from 178 feet to 235 feet,” a fact sheet on the design changes states.

The grounds at Jackson Park will now include more than 400 trees after the $500 million project is completed.