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No yard? no problem! apartment garden tips and tricks for city living

Limited outdoor space? No place for those potted beauties? Space should not preclude anyone from experimenting with the stress-reducing pleasures of gardening.

From flowering plants to bonsai, from fruits and veggies to shrubs, an apartment garden can be intimate, manageable and absolutely beautiful. With some balcony gardening tips and tricks, you can transform your empty balcony into a stunning garden you will love.

If you are a beginner in this, follow these apartment gardening tips to get started:

Grow plants as per your weather zone

In order to ensure that plants in your garden grow effortlessly, it is important to buy plants that are suited to your particular weather zone. Visit your local plant shop for that because he most probably will have only those plants that will survive in your weather conditions.

In addition to weather of your surroundings, it is also important to consider the weather of your balcony.

Is it shady or receives ample of sunlight? Which floor is your apartment located at? These factors will help you zero down the specific types of plants that will flourish in your apartment garden.

Opt for mixed species of plants

In case you don’t know, there are two kinds of plants; one that survives throughout the year and the ones that survive a season or two.

It is a good idea to have a balanced mix of both annual and perennial plants. That way you can have some greenery throughout the year while you can play with different species in remaining areas.

Containers – drainage is important

Appearance, material and drainage are the three most important factors to consider while choosing containers for your apartment garden. Select containers that look beautiful and also matches with the rest of the fittings and furniture of your balcony.

When it comes to drainage, pots made of porous material are considered a better bet than plastic containers that hold all the water inside the containers.

In case you want to buy plastic pots, make sure they have drainage holes in place to help excess water escape from the soil. Don’t forget to put sauces under drainage holes to prevent water from flowing onto your patio.

Soil based on plant type

Decide on the plant you will be growing and buy potting soil that is suited for the plant.

Usually, an all-purpose soil with some manure is good for most plants. However, some speciality plants may need a different mix.

When buying a plant, talk to the seller if it needs any special kind of soil or any other speciality treatment.

Utilising space

Varying the placement of pots and containers will provide you with more space in the limited gardening area you have.

Using a stand with shelves at multiple heights will not only give you more space to put plants but will also add multiple layers on the garden giving it an enriched look and feel.

Pots hanging from rails and cascading hanging plants from the ceiling will make your balcony garden look lively and fuller.

Automatic watering system

If you are someone who travels frequently, you will have to arrange for someone who can take care of the apartment garden and water the plants in your absence.

If you have a friendly neighbour, you might consider taking help from him/her.

In the absence of any external help, you might consider setting up an automatic watering mechanism for your apartment garden. Also, in this case, you should choose plants that need minimal or no care to grow and flourish.

Your own vegetable garden

It is possible to grow a mini vegetable garden on your balcony. It might not be big enough to meet all your vegetarian needs, but you can still have your organic and fresh herbs and harvest.

Green leafy vegetables are easy to grow and grow really fast. Few edibles like tomatoes, mint, peppers, chillies, parsley and eggplants grow well in an apartment garden.

Add some sand, stones, and affordable accessories, and your apartment garden will look chic and green no matter how small your balcony is.


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