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In their eternal quest to add a ‘special’ something to their houses, homeowners are turning the clock back – literally. Enter furniture and decoration pieces from the Raj era that is now enjoying a resurgence of sorts. From marble statues, furniture, porcelain vases to chandeliers to earthenware – it’s all about a blast from the past.

Oldies but goodies

With nostalgia as the guiding light, design enthusiasts are collecting furniture from the 40s and 50s. What drives the trend forward is the charm of owning an original handmade one-of-its-kind piece in this era of mass-manufactured replicas and brand new “antiques”.

Interior designer Manjeet Bhullar feels that heirloom pieces have sentiments attached to them, and says, “Most professional and DIY decorators are mixing antique items from different eras and styles. People want their homes to have style, grace and history.”

Nostalgia, anyone?

Be it Mughal era artefacts, charkha from the 1940s, vintage clocks – everyone is eager to showcase heirloom pieces. Cultural historian Navina Jafa says, “Nobody wants to discard their grandfather’s silver, black and white photographs or straight-line furniture. If the piece has been in the family for years it reflects the history of the family.”

The added advantage is that vintage furniture from the pre-independence era has better workmanship. To give it a home in your house, Jafa says what works is mixing the old with the new.

Everyone wants to own an original handmade one-of-its-kind piece

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