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Gillitts Nursery spring gardening tips


Ants, termites – use Kemprin or Koinor

Moles, crickets – use Koinor

Worms – use Kemprin


Small broad leaf – use MCPA

Large broad leaf – use Lawnweeder

Fungus in lawn

Dollar spot and leaf spot – use Odeon 720SC


Protect with Chronos and Koinor. A good spray with Chronos every two weeks will protect from black spot and powdery mildew. Using Koinor – it is systemic, meaning it goes down into the roots and feeds up into the stems, thus protecting the rose.

Kemprin can also be used for rose beetles. Insect control “aphids� on citrus use Kemprin also for leaf miner.

Ideally Koinor should be applied in late August to September.  Citrus trees should not be in flower when applying Koinor.  If in flower, or in fruit, apply Kemprin mixed with a little Sunlight liquid as a wetter.  Fruit is fine after two week waiting period. – Compiled by Lynn Doherty.

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