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Consultants envision an improved Lexington

Downtown Lex

Downtown Lex

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013 2:55 pm

Consultants envision an improved Lexington

by Danny Gruber
C-H staff writer


LEXINGTON – The Lexington Planning Commission met Wednesday to conduct a public hearing on the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

The city revises its comprehensive plan every five to 10 years. The last revision was completed in 2005. With revisions to area flood maps, as well as the recently released census results, city officials thought it prudent to revise the city’s master plan, which is designed to look at community projects planned out for the next 25 to 30 years.

Members of the commission heard from Jeff Ray, of JEO Consulting of Wahoo, the firm hired to conduct a profile of Lexington and determine how its citizens wanted their city to grow.

The plan for Lexington’s future was broken down into four major phases: Profile, envision, achieve and implement. To date, JEO built a profile of Lexington and, last fall, held a series of community hall meetings in Lexington to gather citizen input on what they thought Lexington should become.

Those who could not attend one of the town meetings were invited to participate through a website, called “Think Big Lexington.”

Ray was on hand to provide planning commission members with the results of those citizen ideas.

“Housing was a component that came through loud and clear,” he said.

Ray said the infrastructure was already in place for Lexington to grow. Recent upgrades to the city’s electrical feed and area transformers as well as current plans to upgrade the city’s sewage treatment plant will serve the community for several decades to come. The next step, he said, would be adding housing and replacing existing housing.

Other items to be accomplished were all cosmetic projects that would improve Lexington’s image. One idea was to create landscaping at the I-80 exit into Lexington that would give travelers a sense of place when driving through. Ray commented the scenery along I-80 was stark.

“It’s shocking to people from the east and west coast,” he stated, citing that York was a good example of a city that is easily identified—they have a water tower painted like a hot air balloon.

Enhancements along the Plum Creek Parkway corridor, such as a landscaped median, and enhancing the look of the grain elevators at the Jackson Street overpass with color-changing LED projection lights was another concept Ray offered.

One of the more grandiose visions presented by Ray was a “market plaza” on Adams Street by Vazquez Market, with space for several food trucks and an area for people to eat and congregate.

“Make it a destination area,” he said, adding the park was conveniently located nearby.

After Ray’s presentation, there were no questions or comments from the public or the commissioners.

The plan was approved by the planning commission and forwarded to Lexington City Council members who are expected to consider the plan at their July 23 meeting.


Friday, June 28, 2013 2:55 pm.

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