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City Living: 5 Tips For a Healthy Window Garden

4. Watering

Photo: Kristin Bonardi Rapp/Flickr

Photo: Kristin Bonardi Rapp/Flickr

One of the most important elements of a healthy window garden is watering. Though it may seem an obvious tip, it’s also one of the most forgotten. Because you’ll most likely be growing different vegetables and flowers in different sizes, different containers, and maybe even in different soils, each plant’s watering needs are unique: Thus, attempting to set a time to water your plants every day never really works well. Still, know your plants’ needs and do make it a routine to check the soil daily with your finger. Broadly, most plants’ instructions will specify allowing them to dry out between watering: Soil will feel crumbly, and the potting mixture will be lighter in color. Self-watering window and flower boxes offer an alternative and are said to reduce the stress on plants, but they’re more expensive than your average garden boxes.

5. Rotation

If growing outdoors, a plant often receives light from a variety of angles, resulting in uniform growth. In indoor spaces, however, dedicated effort to ensuring even growth is part of the process. Though it’s easy to forget to rotate your plants — especially in the early stages when growth isn’t as evident — try and rotate them 90 degrees every time you water. Besides rotating a plant or moving it closer to a bright spot, you can also place a blank panel behind the plant to reflect light. Once the vegetables or flowers begin growing, it will be easier to determine which direction the plants are growing, and if one side needs more light.

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