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City Living: 5 Tips For a Healthy Window Garden

Photo: Maryanne Ventrice/Flickr

Photo: Maryanne Ventrice, Flickr

If you live in a city, the idea of personal outdoor space might seem like a luxury to you. Chances are much slimmer that you’re sporting a garden out back. But for those longing to see green space in their apartment, hope is not lost. All you need is a windowsill.

Read on to learn five tips for a healthy apartment window garden and how to make your landscape a bit more bearable.

1. Shape and space

Choosing what to grow in an apartment mini-garden is an important — and exciting — decision, but one that is determined by several factors. First up is determining the space you want to grow in. For many, this might be as simple as a window and windowsill, while others may be interested in expanding outside of their apartment and utilizing their fire escape or window bars. Though the latter is certainly possible, it’s important to remember to leave space for footpaths. Hanging planters on handrails is an option around this, should you be interested in putting plants solely outdoors. Once you’ve determined where you’ll grow, it will help you decide what to grow.

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