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Caesarstone unveils Nendo-designed Stone Garden installation

Dubbed ‘Stone Garden’, the installation comprises 222 table-like elements made out of seven different pebble shaped quartz surfaces and nine different stone colours, each supported by a simple metal rod and secured by an overlapping design. The elements are clustered together to form a seemingly floating landscape.

According to Oki Sato, founder and chief designer of Nendo, “The installation also explores the boundary between ‘furniture’ and ‘non-furniture.’ Tables that aren’t quite tables form a cluster, creating a new kind of ground surface like a garden floating in the universe, far beyond the scale of individual tables. The unique variety and quality of natural colours and textures of the Caesarstone surfaces are perfect to be arranged in a composition like the stylized landscape of a Japanese rock garden.”

The simplicity of the design reflects the minimalistic approach of Nendo and the quality, functionality and creativity of Caesarstone. The installation showcases the versatility of Caesarstone’s surface designs that can complement any space like the different shapes, depths and directions of overlaps forming this installation.

Interior Design Show was held on 24-27 January 2013 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Central Lounge.

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