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Brainiac investigates Korean dumplings, city of Garden Grove’s new web design

If there’s one thing Brainiac likes almost as much as eating food, it’s watching TV about eating food. If you can’t be there you can at least dream about it, right?

And given that we like the eat off the beaten path – figuratively, of course – the CNN series “Parts Unknown” hosted by adventure-eater Anthony Bourdain is near the top of our list of TV food series. After all, we might not ever get to Libya or Austria or Myanmar or Spain to dine and drink as the locals do, but with Tony and his TV crew we can pretend.

And, as luck would have it, we occasionally find one of the restaurants featured on Bourdain’s show closer to home. Which brings us to Myung In Dumplings.

Brainiac watched the “Parts Unknown” episode where Bourdain went to Los Angeles, specifically Koreatown, about four years ago, and remembers him hanging out – and eating – with chef Roy Choi, whose business empire started with the Kogi food trucks, and artist David Choe, who took Bourdain to the Koreatown Sizzler because of its iconic standing in that community and culture.

Korean dumplings like this are among the kinds of fresh-made dumplings you can get at Myung In Dumplings in Garden Grove, a branch of a Koreatown shop in Los Angeles that was featured by Anthony Bourdain on his CNN series “Parks Unknown.”br /Photo by Mark Rightmire / Orange County Register

Brainiac has been to plenty of Sizzlers, including the Koreatown one Bourdain visited, and now-departed one that was on Beach Boulevard in Stanton, but had not realized that Myung In Dumplings, which Choe also took the TV show to visit, had a branch in Garden Grove.

The small shop is located in the food court inside the H Mart supermarket at 8911 Garden Grove Blvd. and Brainiac plans to go chow down like Bourdain as soon we can get there.


Government websites can be dull as dirt, in Brainiac’s humble opinion, so it’s nice to see the city of Garden Grove doing something to freshen up pages on the city’s official site.

In an announcement made – where else? – on the city’s page on Aug. 1, we see that pages for district election mapping, Garden Grove animal care services, Garden Grove TV3, and the community and economic development department have been redesigned.

Clicked around a little and things looked pretty sharp. The Garden Grove TV3 page is much, much easier to navigate now than in the past. On the district election mapping page, you can now type in your address and find out not only what council district you are in but also what day your next trash pick-up and street sweeping will take place. The community and economic development page has a cleaner design on which it’s easier to find common sub-pages such as planning services, building services and neighborhood improvement.

And animal care services, which the city took back management of from the county, has a much more visually appealing design, which include sections where it intends to post photos of found animals so pet owners can see if their pet is in city care, as well as a reunited animals tab where photos of reunions can be posted.

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