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BAM! tops sustainable dwelling in argentina with verdant roof profile

an energy independent single-family home has been built in the san isidro district of buenos aires, argentina. throughout the residence, there is a focus on natural light, landscaping and garden views. the plan is punctuated with landscaped courtyards and vegetable gardens which appear on the multi-leveled roof.

all images © jeremias thomas



landscape and architecture work together to create a strong sense of enclosure; a concept that the architects in charge- BAM! followed while constructing MeMo house. the building’s footprint serves as a three-dimensional garden that can be accessed from all the floors. the layout has generated a topographic play with a system of green ramps that connect the ground floor with the first floor and the roof, thus creating a continuous garden terrace.

the home follows the idea of creating a three-dimensional garden which connects all the architectural floors



the location, orientation, the morphology of the volume all responds to the sun path to make the most of solar energy. as a result, this influenced the positioning of the vegetation, choice of materials for the envelope and also the incorporation of other environmental systems. this included rainwater harvesting, a waster water technology that has been installed to irrigate the roof garden. photovoltaic panels are also present to supply power for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

a seamless connection between outside and inside is achieved



the result is an innovative project with an optimal spatial quality, requiring the minimum use of resources and most importantly, underline the beneficial impacts on the environment and health of its inhabitants. openness and flexibility is evident throughout, with the light-filled spaces leading onto the private landscape but at the same time, privacy is lost inside the most intimate spaces.

the home is occupied by  a woman who lives  alone most of the time but needs space for working, friends and her sons



‘we conceived the sustainability of the project as a path, not as a goal. hence, we based our plan on the LEED standards and incorporated the concepts of durability and economy which are fundamental in our architectural works.’ comments BAM! arquitectura ‘we approached the path of sustainability by choosing a sustainable lot where the owner can perform most of her activities on foot or on a bicycle, and she can also use native vegetation in her gardens. this restored the natural landscape and reduced rainwater effluent.’

large glass façades invite light and views

the ground floor communal spaces lead onto a large graden planted with native vegetation

the home is finished mostly in concrete

a half-garden and half-ramp leads up to the top rooftop level

the design allows the same amount of natural light to be received from all areas of the house









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