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August Gardening Tips

With daytime temperatures in the 90’s and above, your landscape is under extreme stress. Here are a few simple tips to keep your yard looking its best during the summer heat.

Make sure you are watering correctly. The recommendation is to water early morning. Watering in the evening can cause fungi to develop overnight. Be sure to water long enough so the root system grows deep rather than staying close to the soil surface. Check your irrigation system for leaks, clogs or breakages to make sure water is getting to all areas in your lawns and beds.

Remember to adjust the height of your lawn mower blade to allow your grass to grow taller during the summer months. A thicker turf will be protected from the heat and will require less watering.

Check your garden regularly for insects and fungi. Plants with heat stress are more prone to disease. If you find a problem, take care of it as soon as possible using a recommended insecticide or fungicide. Both organic and non-organic products are available to stop and protect against insects and fungi.

In the last few weeks our customers are seeing high levels of pests and disease especially on trees and lawns. Brown patch and other types of fungus are very common on lawns during August. If you are unsure of the problem, bring in a sample twig, leaf or grass plug to the Nursery and we’ll help you diagnose it and offer a solution.

Did you know July 28 thru August 11 is the best time to plant cantaloupe and watermelon for the Fall? Our one page planting guide is a wealth of information on when to plant, how deep to plant, number of days to maturity and average number of harvest days.

Stop by McDade’s Nursery to pick up your FREE copy of this very valuable garden tool.

Now is the time to be planting Fall tomatoes. We have in stock Celebrity, Super Fantastic, Supersweet 100, Purple Cherokee, Red Cherry, Super Fantastic, La Roma, Yellow Pear and Champion.

We also have summer vegetables – okra, cucumber and zucchini.

Happy Gardening

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