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Archives for December 25, 2017

quan garden art releases premium products exclusive for outdoor cooking and furniture

quan garden art is a new european premium brand embracing the outdoor lifestyle. it offers a wide range of unique, skillfully engineered and handcrafted products for your garden and for the HoReCa industry. quan’s scope of products are exclusive outdoor cooking gears, heating, lighting and furniture. the brand is new on the market, but their dealer network is developing quickly.

quan quadro standard corten



all of quan garden art‘s products are designed and manufactured in europe. thanks to the wood-fired fireplace, you can cook, grill and even smoke your food. the large number of accessories allow you to make this experience even more exciting and differentiated.

quan quadro air corten



the quan grill is a result of a long engineering process and many tests, developed together with famous dutch michelin-star top chefs.the goal was not only to deliver a functional product, but also make it look like a piece of art which everyone enjoys to look at’ says the founder of the company. to complete the outdoor experience, quan offers matching premium garden furniture, decoration and even a woodfired patio heater, which are grouped into two basic design lines — quadro and rondo.

quan rondo standard carbon



all materials are top quality, including iroco (durable african hardwood), granite and metal, which comes in three different styles — rusted corten, black carbon and silver stainless steel. all products are manufactured in the european union and meant to last for years thanks to their minimalist design, durable materials and quality. ‘quan garden art gives you a full, luxury outdoor life experience.’

heat master

quadro lamp

quadro table set for six with quadro standard corten, worktop, wood storage and heat master

all materials are top quality, including iroco (durable african hardwood), granite and metal

michelin-star chef rené brienen uses quan every day at his famous restaurant



designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.


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Is Downtown LA’s pretty Wells Fargo Center atrium being demolished?

Big changes appear to be in store for landscape architect Lawrence Halprin’s lovely atrium in Downtown LA’s Wells Fargo Center.

A tranquil, park-like space in the midst of Bunker Hill’s skyscrapers, the atrium was unexpectedly thrown into disarray recently as sculptures were removed and construction crews began tearing out the runnels that had carried streams of water through the court since it was constructed in 1983.

Robert Petersen, host of the Hidden History of Los Angeles podcast, noticed construction occurring within the atrium earlier this week and posted a photo to Twitter.

The social media post has drawn the attention of historic preservationists around the city, and on Thursday, the Los Angeles Conservancy announced that the atrium had been demolished.

In a statement, Brookfield Properties, which owns the property, said that renovations to the atrium were part of plans for an “updated, amenity-rich Wells Fargo Center Atrium and Plaza.”

The company also said it was “receiving advice from fine arts experts on how to handle and protect the atrium and plaza art pieces.”

The atrium seen December 21.
Courtesy LA Conservancy

Whether some portion of Halprin’s design will be maintained in the renovated space isn’t yet clear.

The Conservancy called the atrium’s sudden overhaul “an outrage and yet another example of the particular fragility of historic landscapes, which are often overlooked and undervalued.”

Originally called Crocker Court, the atrium was built around sculptures by Robert Graham, Joan Miro, and Jean Dubuffet. It’s one of four connected projects designed by Halprin during Bunker Hill’s skyscraper boom of the 1980s.

Collectively known as the Los Angeles Open Space Network, the public spaces were commissioned by developer Maguire Partners and envisioned as a continuous stretch of landscaping guiding visitors through the urban space.

Crocker Court seen from above

The atrium seen prior to demolition.
Photo by Charles A. Birnbaum, courtesy the Cultural Landscape Foundation

The other segments of the Open Space Network are Maguire Gardens (the park space surrounding Downtown’s central library), Grand Hope Park, and the Bunker Hill Steps. The four projects are highlighted in an exhibition on Halprin’s life and work now on display at the A + D Museum.

The “apparent loss” of Halprin’s design could endanger “the legacy of one of the nation’s most important and influential postwar landscape architects,” said Charles A. Birnbaum, president and CEO of the Cultural Landscape Foundation, which curated the exhibit.

“That [this] would occur with no public discourse whatsoever makes this even more tragic,” Birnbaum said.

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Applications being accepted for 2018 Bexar County Master Gardener intern training

Paul Schattenberg, 210-859-5752,

Contact: David Rodriguez, 210-631-0400,

SAN ANTONIO – Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service in Bexar County is now accepting applications for its Master Gardener Intern Training – Class No. 62, said David Rodriguez, AgriLife Extension agent for horticulture in Bexar County.

“Master Gardener volunteer training is conducted by AgriLife Extension and is for adults interested in gardening, horticulture and related topics,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said classes will be conducted from noon-4 p.m. on Wednesdays from Feb. 21 to May 16 in Suite 208 of the AgriLife Extension offices in Conroy Square, 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive, San Antonio.

The Bexar County Master Gardener program is accepting applications for its next intern training. (Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service photo)

Master Gardener classes address topics ranging from plant growth and development to plant diseases, insects, soils, basic landscaping and garden design. Specific topics for this training will include Earth-Kind landscaping, integrated pest management, home orchards and vegetable gardens, water conservation, rainwater harvesting and turfgrass selection and care.

The fee for the training is $260 to cover the cost of instruction and materials.

Applications are available at the AgriLife Extension office or online at

Completed applications can be mailed to Denise Perez at Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service, 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive, Suite 212, San Antonio, TX 78230-4818 or emailed to

Rodriguez said submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into the class and class size is limited to 30. The deadline for submitting an application is Feb. 9.

Those completing classroom training and passing the final exam will be required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service toward youth and adult education outreach. Individuals completing the training become certified Master Gardeners, assisting AgriLife Extension through community education in horticulture. Volunteer hours may be applied to a variety of approved projects discussed during training.

“Acceptance to the class is based on the person’s willingness to volunteer and the completeness of their application,” Rodriguez said. “Master Gardeners support the community by providing information and advice on gardening and landscaping, providing technical assistance, supporting the local green industry, and being involved in a variety of horticulture-related community service projects.”

For more information, contact Perez at 210-631-0400.



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Green aesthetics catching on

VIJAYAWADA: Green aesthetics is catching on in Vijayawada city as over 60 percent of the new constructions are being handled by professional designers.Apart from the new constructions, the office spaces in the city are also wearing a modern look with the help of planters and designing companies. Landscaping has more than just an aesthetic purpose, but plays an integral role in creating sustainable space.

For the gardening enthusiasts, who want to have plant collections, they can go with these landscaping and design their timeless gardens. There are multiple options to enjoy the greenery. One needn’t get disappointed if they live in apartments or small houses, the designers would make sure to include plant life in your homes.Designers are coming up with their creative trends with a mix of tradition and technology. The fastest growing Vijayawada city is also going with new trends in maintaining greenery with advanced landscape designs.

Increase in awareness

Landscape designers say the awareness and concern over maintaining gardens and potted plants is increasing. Right from wall gardens to hanging plantations, the city got every trend of landscaping.
“Today cities lack gardens and spaces to grow some plants. In order to fulfil those requirements, we design hanging baskets, outdoor planters, potted plants, rooftop gardens and many more depending on the requirements and possibilities. Planters and garden pots permit creativity and flexibility to the designs and landscaping. These days, people are coming forward and approaching a landscape artist instead of trying on their own,” said B Saritha, a landscaper from SNS Organic Gardener.

Hanging plants is the new trend across the country as it is suitable for those living in compact spaces and apartments. “Not only that having these plants in hanging basket can totally maximise the limited space in the garden, when displayed from a high  place, these plants would have a natural flowing effect,” said Saritha.

Not a new trend

Vyjayanthi, a practising architect, says: “Landscaping is not a new trend, but in cities like Vijayawada, it is something new and happy to see people going through modern cuts and styling their gardens. As the city is growing, the trends are also growing.”One can have their desired landscape garden at a very affordable price. The cost of plant starts from `70 for both indoor and outdoor plantations. Similarly, the designing works start from `100 to `120 per square feet.

The landscape of dreams

For the gardening enthusiasts, who want to have plant collections, can go with these landscaping and design their timeless gardens
One needn’t get disappointed if they live in apartments or small houses, the designers would make sure to include plant life in your homes
Having plants in hanging basket can totally maximise the limited space in the garden
The cost of plant starts from R70 for both indoor and outdoor plantations
The designing works start from R100 to R120 per square feet

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IN THE GARDEN: Growing rosemary indoors ‘delightful project’

The art of growing Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, indoors is a delightful project and a great savory herb.

Rosemary is a perennial woody herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves. The blooms come in various colors, native to the Mediterranean region.

Growing rosemary indoors is not always easy; however, when things go well it is especially triumphant. Rosemary needs light, usually a south facing window with 6 to 8 hours of sunlight or supplement the light with lamps. And strict watering practices make the plant happy, where you water the plant as soon as the top of the soil becomes dry. Good air flow is also a concern, without the air flow, powdery mildew and pests will arrive.

According to myth, the Virgin Mary is said to have spread her blue cloak over a white-blossomed rosemary bush when she was resting, and the flowers turned blue.

The shrub then became known as the “Rose of Mary.” Rosemary was considered sacred to ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

Terri Harrison is a master gardener volunteer with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County. Look for more gardening tips in the Times Telegram or online at

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5 indispensable tips for taking great photos at Dubai Garden Glow

A picture shows something. A photo tells a story. The ability to transform a picture into something interesting is a skill and that’s what this is about.

1. Frame your shots: Framing is a technique of drawing attention to the subject of your image. You can do it by blocking other parts of the image with something in the scene which gives a sense of depth and layers. 

2. Make use of reflections: Take your tripod along to get a sharp shot and try experimenting with a couple of filters. A polarizing filter will help control the amount of surface shine from the water. Also, a graduated neutral density filter will ensure that the sky isn’t overexposed during the day.

3. Long exposure shots: This is a great way to take a fresh look at photography subjects. Long shutter speed and viola, a sense of motion and mystery in the photo is created. It doesn’t require new lenses or special cameras.

4. Bokeh in-front of the subject: Bokeh is the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image. A tripod will be useful if not, you may be able to get by, but it will be more difficult. Keep the aperture wide which makes the depth of field very shallow, so slight movement can make your subject out-of-focus. The closer the light is to the lens, the larger will be the bokeh..

5. Lastly, don’t be afraid to lie on the ground, trek to a higher vantage point, or cut portions of the installations from your frame: the most interesting compositions are not always from a front-on view.



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