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Archives for September 3, 2016

Garden Design Planning – How Can A Professional Aid You?

There are all sorts of different kinds of Limoges figurines and boxes that are readily available for sale. All of these materials that come straight from France can be found in a variety of types. Each of these forms works with its own different price. This cost is something that can be determined according to a number of aspects.

It looks like a bulkier version of LG’s KC910. But Sony Ericsson C905’s touchscreen display screen is not as big. In thickness it determines 104mm by 49mm by 18mm. And it is the slider that actually makes this phone appearance unique from other Cyber-shot phones. The phone looks pretty trendy because of the plastic cover and the metallic side stripes. For the home of Sony Ericsson this resembles an actually unique die casting.

Google Analytics will likewise permit you to view the traffic entering your website, most web designers would set this up and give you access to see these stats.

However getting both travel gears can be irritating not to mention pricey. A car seat stroller would be a fantastic alternative. It combines the usage of both automobile seat and stroller for that reason eliminating the trouble of getting both travel gears for your kid. It’s portable, convenient and quite simple to use. It can be set up to the automobile’s seat much like a normal safety seat. It has a seat belt of its own, stroller wheels and a handle that pops-up from its body, instantly transforming it into a stroller.

Obviously the first thing you should think about is your child’s convenience and safety. If you’re taking a trip with a kid then you will definitely need a safety seat, you cannot just depend on seatbelts to protect your child. They merely could not provide adequate protection for a child.

Modification hardware on cabinets to produce a brand new feel. This is as basic as loosening the old handles, knobs and/or hinges and changing them with brand-new pieces. Ensure you get the ideal size, otherwise you’ll have to drill new holes, and fill in and refinish the old ones.

The background and the text must remain in opposite tones. Utilize a lighter shade of gray or white ash for the text if you utilize dark colors like black for the background. You should aim to select a color that will represent your brand’s persona best. Some brands pick not to associate themselves with one color. Rather of two or 3 colors, they select 4 or more. This represents multiplicity.

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Useful Tips For Garden Design

You ought to know that there are some things that need to be known if you are in a search for brand-new restroom mirrors. This article can assist you in your search and offer you some pointers to make the search even much easier.

This sign consists of an illustration of a pair of hands with two tube-like images that are accompanied by an image that seem to be giving off flames. Although this sign is developed with black and white colors, it is still attractiving from a range.

Mentioning Paul Johnson.he is easygoing, interesting, and funny.basically the polar opposite of what you see on the sidelines on gameday. I seriously seemed like I need to do up-downs after talking with him. As a matter of truth, I’ll do some today.

This is actually the most popular in most barbeque grills. Lots of people chooses this sort of grill due to the fact that it consists of a smokey flavor that contributes up inside your grilled food.It’s likewise 商務中心 made with different size, design, style, and shape. This is basic and easy to use.When you tend to select this kind of grill, you can conserve more fuel.

Just what does she or he want? What desires or issues will it address? Do they wish to purchase it? Are they searching for an inexpensive or totally free way to get their hands on exactly what they want? Do they stress over price? Does quality exceed amount for this perfect customer?

As mentioned previously, proper planning is the most time consuming and essential action when doing a woodworking job. Another thing to bear in mind is your budget plan as well as the time you have to devote to the job. These two aspects will straight affect your piece.

Wedding event food can be quite pricey. That is why you and your spouse need to consider serving hors d’oeuvres rather of a complete course meal. Chipotle bacon wrapped shrimp, devilled eggs, stuffed mushrooms and spicy banana zucchini balls are examples of finger foods that are great options for a wedding event. These foods are not only cheap, but they are also filling.

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Parks panel questions ice rink demolition


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Village asking Huntley Outlet Center to maintain, find best use for mall property

Liquidation sale signs hang in the windows of soon-to-be empty stores in the mall, which was sold in April and had been losing tenants for more than a year.

There are only a handful of businesses left, Huntley Village Manager Dave Johnson said, and the mall is expected to be cleared out by early 2017, at the latest. Many of the stores aren’t looking to relocate in the village, he said.

“I think there’s a lot of discussion that needs to take place with the owners yet of the highest and best use for the property,” Johnson said.

The property was bought by Huntley Investment Partners LLC, which consists of California-based Craig Realty Group, Chicago’s Prime Group Inc. and Elgin’s Capital Realty and Development.

Simon Property Group previously owned the parcel that was developed by Prime Group Inc. in 1994.

Although suggestions for the property have been proposed by developers, the village has asked them to go back to the drawing board, Johnson said.

He said he hopes “sooner rather than later” there will be a concept for the property, which is falling into disrepair, that can be discussed at the village board meetings.

“Having that property in its current condition at the front door to our community is far from ideal,” Johnson said of the site that sits at the northeast corner of Route 47 and I-90.

In February 2016, the village filed an ordinance complaint regarding the property citing concerns including damaged sidewalks and parking lots, rusted light poles, crumbled brick and unmaintained landscaping, according to a document provided by Village Attorney John Cowlin.

“When you get into the issues of public safety, that’s the prime concern for the village, is to make sure that the public is protected,” Cowlin said.

He said the problems will likely be resolved at a hearing in October.

Rich Turasky, president of Capital Companies, LLC, and Lake in the Hills resident, brought together the group of property owners who purchased the property in April.

“We’ve met with the village several times to find out from them what they would like to see happen there, so we’re doing a lot of due diligence and investigating a lot of uses that would go well there,” Turasky said.

Previously he has said a hotel or industrial use was considered for the 77-acre property.

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New gardens at Izatys have owners and monarchs fluttering …

Izatys Townhouse Association is welcoming some new residents of the insect variety. In fact, it’s the new summer stop for monarch butterflies. Last fall, several gardens were installed on the property with monarch waystations by Monarch Watch.

Monarch Watch is a nonprofit education, conservation and research program that focuses on the monarch butterfly, its habitat, and its spectacular fall migration.

The waystations provide resources such as milkweed and other nectar-producing plants necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration to Mexico in the fall.

In addition, several other landscaping improvements have been made to the property which have made it much more enjoyable for townhouse renters and owners alike. The Beach Villa Landscape Committee was formed to spearhead the project by holding meetings to gather feedback, support and approval on what the 46 townhouse owners and residents wanted done.

“People liked things that were native and natural to the area,” Steve Dubbs, co-chairman of the committee said. “You can’t get much more natural than the flowers for the butterfly garden.”

The renovations were a result of an unfortunate situation involving the loss of 168 pine trees that served as the predominate landscape feature of the association. The loss of the pine trees was catastrophic, not only visually, but to the property value. “Some of the trees were over 100 years old and over 70 feet tall,” Dubbs explained.

In 2011, DuPont Imprelis fertilizer was used on the Izatys village grounds by the maintenance crew. The fertilizer had an adverse effect on the pines, which were removed. After three years of legal action with DuPont, the association settled out of court.

Those funds were used to create the landscaping as it is today, which includes four butterfly sanctuaries, landscaping in front of the beach villa unit entries such as trees, shrubs and bushes along Tuxedo Road. Trees were also replanted along the lakefront, and three brick paver fire pits were installed. A Little Free Library was conveniently placed in front of a bench at a butterfly waystation.

According to Dubbs, real estate had been stagnant in the past, but recently two to three units sold within a week. People are quite happy with the project and are seeing a reason to invest for future enjoyment, he said.

Field Landscaping Services of Nisswa was hired to help pull it all together. The gardens were installed last fall. The current selection of plants offer continual blooming from spring to fall. “What this project has is a lot of little things that create a tremendous overall impression. I think the guys we hired are geniuses in the way they designed it,” Dubs said. “Landscaping is more art than science. Flowers and landscapes are an important part of the vacation experience.”

The Onamia Civic Association recently selected the association as “most original” Garden of the Year, and they were rewarded with a sign and $50 in Onamia bucks that will be donated to the local school.

“It is just kind of creating more of a community or a better community experience – the place to sit, the books, the butterflies,” Dubbs said.

All are invited to check out the butterfly sanctuaries during a tagging event on Labor Day weekend. “The Mille Lacs area is one of the areas the monarchs cluster before they go to Mexico,” Dubbs said. “In the first couple weeks of September you’re going to see a ton of monarch butterflies in the area.”

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LOOSE ENDS: Frank Mazzella maintains one of the nicest gardens in Princeton





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Fall Flowers Decorate Watters

Watters Weekly Garden Classes


Sept 3 – How to use Climbers Clematis in Garden Design. Vines climb quickly up fence posts, pergolas, barbed wire, walls and trellis. They block, screen and shade better then any other plants in the nursery, but not all vines are created equal. Learn these vines favorite locals, sun and shade lovers, and all the advice to get these bloomers climbing. Free to clematis lovers and those that like growing plants.

Sept 10 – Wildlife Bug Prevention – What’s Eatin’ Your Garden? Late summer is the peak of the bug season, with intense pressure from the furry visitors in the yards. We have the solutions. Students start with javalina and pack rats, then quickly move to the best solutions for grasshoppers and tomato worms. You can have a nice yard with these easy-to-use tips and a few key plant choices. Frustrated gardeners will have all the advice they can mustard and all Free.

Sept 17 – Western Natives the Water-wise Landscape. Native plants are unique, hardy and some so unusual gardeners will marvel at how to use them. It all comes down to companion planting. We cover native trees, native shrubs, native flowers and native vines that all adapt so well they need no care after establishment. Students will be a native pro after this class. We stock up on extra natives before this class. Join the water-wise fun.

Sept 24 – Mountain Appealing Shrubs – Shrubs are the backbone of a good design. They provide essential structure, beauty, fragrance and color with a great variety of shapes. Rock landscapes without shrubs tend to look strange, immature and lacking. Learn how to use shrubs to create simple but effective planting combinations for a design impact that will WOW all four seasons of the year. Free to gardeners that want more from their yard.

Our part of the country is celebrated for its mild four-season climate, but gardeners new to the region often don’t realize just how nice it really is: Gardens can be coaxed into bloom most months of the year!

Strategic planting of early winter bloomers can keep flower color in the yard right into next year. By the end of October the first frost arrives, taking out summer flowers and leaving the yard looking quite barren. That means there are only two months of blooming left for our gardens’ summer flowers. September is the month to plant hardy flowers that will bloom through November and December. Watters Garden Center has brought in the first crops of mums, dusty miller, fall marigolds, Johnny jump-ups, and pansies. These winter bloomers only get bigger and better as we progress through September.

Any unhealthy plants that are struggling, out of bloom, bug prone, or are mildew-covered should be culled from the landscape ASAP, to make room for the flowering plants that will persevere well into next year. Some summer blooming plants still look so good in September that it can be difficult to pull ‘em and toss ‘em. However, the secret to early winter flowers is in planting early enough to take advantage of rains and the warm ground. Cold-hardy bloomers should be established before the soil cools in November. So buff up your inner courage and pull out those plants that have to go!

Ornamental grasses, thyme lawns, and fall flowers all love a good monsoonal rain. Gardeners do, too, as anyone working a garden knows that a shovel goes through soaked ground “like a knife though warm butter”. Well, maybe not quite like butter, but undoubtedly more easily than the holes dug during the crusty, dry months. Trust me on this; during this monsoon season many new plants have gone into the soft ground at the Lains’ casa. Rain definitely is a gardener’s best friend.

September is the month to harvest most mountain vegetables and herbs. Although summer rains have increased the harvest, increased rainfall brings the chance of blossom end rot. Watch fruits for black spots showing up where the blossom was. The slightest calcium deficiency causes this phenomenon, but it is easily corrected.

Combat this rotting, while encouraging more flavorful fruit, by spraying plant foliage with ‘Rot Stop’. This is the most effective form of liquid calcium, and it even prevents future fruit damage. Spray problem plants once a week through September to increase production, flavor, and rot-free fruits.

Baskets full of tomatoes are sitting on our kitchen counter waiting to be processed. If you are overwhelmed by the bounty from your garden, don’t forget that fresh fruits and vegetables are a blessing gratefully received at our local food banks and soup kitchens. Most fresh food donations are so few they are delivered and used the same day they are donated.

Garden Alert – Spittlebugs have landed and are sucking plants dry! White slimy globs ooze from the outer new growth of plants as this tiny brown bug drains the life out of our plants. Just run a hand through a plant’s foliage and if it comes out slimed, there is a problem. Not only is the slime ugly, it also is dangerous to plants. Locally, recent damage has been found on grapes, autumn sage, and Virginia creeper.

YouTube – This is a great time lapse video of spittle bugs in action.

Although any insecticide can kill spittlebugs, it’s difficult to get the bug killer through all that white slimy spittle. With some organic ‘Home Harvest’ spritzed onto each infected area, the bugs soon are eliminated. It is an insect eliminator that is safe for human consumption so it can be sprayed up to the day it is harvested, and is no threat to birds and pets. With the grape harvest so heavy this year, we need to be especially careful to select and apply the appropriate bug killers.

Only family and closest friends are allowed into my private gardens. This is because my gardens give me an escape from life’s pressures and guarantee some alone time. Fellow gardeners will concur that our gardens truly are our private sanctuaries. However, I don’t mind sharing my gardens through video.

All the recent new plantings that went into my gardens provided the perfect opportunity to shoot another local video. My latest YouTube production is “How to Plant for Local Success”, and it shares the steps needed for new plantings to thrive. The six-minute garden tutorial virtually guarantees successful landscaping. Check it out at
. If helpful, give it “a thumbs up” and share with family and friends who are interested in gardening.

Free Gardening Class – The season’s first fall garden class will be next Saturday at 9:30 a.m. in Watters’ back greenhouse. The topic is “Wildlife Bug Prevention – What’s Eatin’ Your Garden?”. The fall schedule of classes is available at

Until next issue, I’ll see you at Watters Garden Center.

Lisa Watters-Lain can be found throughout the week at Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd in Prescott, or contacted through her web site at or .

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Tips for Hand Bed Preparation from the Esalen Farm and Garden

 The following article is from one of our community gardeners, Ann Shepphird. It was originally posted on her website,, which she started when she got her community garden in 2008.

 Good organic gardeners will tell you that they don’t grow plants, they grow soil — and by that they mean a soil rich in organic material. As we begin to pull out our summer crops and get ready for fall planting, it’s a good time to take a look at the soil in our garden and do what’s necessary to create the “healthy dirt” — or humus — that will give life to our new seedlings. For some, it might be time to put in a cover crop. For those ready to put in their next round of seeds or seedlings, here is a step-by-step “Guide to Hand Bed Preparation” created by the food folks at the Esalen Farm and Garden, who have some of the healthiest beds (and, hence, crops) you’ll ever see. I made a few edits for the home gardener but it’s a great guide to get you started. Happy fall planting!


  1. Clear all plant waste of previous crops and weeds from the bed using a short-handled fork, hard or soft rake, and a compost bin or trash can.


  1. Check that there are suitable stakes (i.e., able to have a string easily tied to) at each corner of the bed. Stakes should be between 42-48 inches apart. If a stake is missing, drive a new stake into the ground to create the appropriate width; move existing stakes to create the appropriate width.


  1. Connect parallel corner posts with string to mark the length of the bed along the pathways.


  1. Using a broad fork, stand in the pathway and fork one half of the bed, moving from the center of the bed toward the path. Work along the length of the bed and switch sides to finish forking the other half of the bed from the opposite pathway.


  1. Apply compost with a wheelbarrow and flat-head shovel so that there is a 1/4 inch layer along the length of the bed. Typically, this is one wheelbarrow full over 25-30 feet of bed length.


  1. Apply amendments as necessary (if possible, test your soil first). This is a very sensitive step so be sure you know what’s needed as it can have detrimental affects if done improperly.


  1. Use tilther to incorporate compost and amendments into forked soil.


  1. Use wheel-a-hoe to cut pathways between your beds and eliminate weeds. Rake persistent weed waste (such as purslane, bind weed, kikuyu grass) from path and compost.


  1. Use flat shovel to scoop loose path soil onto bed.


  1. Shape the bed with rakes so that the bed extends the full length and width of the established dimensions.


  1. Use the finishing rake to smooth the surface of the bed so that it is as level as possible and has a neat appearance that is free of large rocks, weeds and plant waste.


  1. Water the bed to ensure that it is ready for planting in the same week.


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