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Archives for June 21, 2016

Tips for a great garden design in a small space

Northern Landscaping, serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas, is a full-service landscaping company that takes pride in working to ensure your needs are met and your ideas come to fruition, so you get to enjoy your own little piece of paradise — even if you have only a small outdoor space.

One of Northern Landscaping’s specialties is garden design. While a beautiful garden is a place that can bring you both comfort and happiness if it is designed well, it may be that you have only a small plot of land to work with. That doesn’t mean you have to banish the idea of being able to use it as a garden space, however.

You might have only a long, narrow space or a cramped backyard to work with, but there is still more potential there than you realize. The right design will make the difference. For example, using a wall with foliage can provide added lushness if your ground space is tight.

Keeping things simple and tidy also helps, while installing large features can make your space feel engaging, no matter how small it is. Meanwhile, dividing a garden into segments can have the effect of making it seem larger.

You can also make effective use of “mini-views,” which offer interest to people in whichever direction they are looking. Another tip is to keep to a monochromatic colour arrangement of “cooler” colours, such as green, violet, yellow and blue. Not doing so can have the effect of making your garden seem hemmed in and cramped.

Of course, you will probably never settle on a design you will be happy with forever, as gardeners have a knack for always wanting to improve, experiment and dream! But having Northern Landscaping on your side can make your dreams come closer to fruition and last longer.

With more than 20 years in business, the company has the expertise to help you design a space that you will be happy with for a long, long time, even if you may want to tinker with it now and then.

Call Northern Landscaping to find out more at 905-981-0655, or email The website is at

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National FFA secretary visits Illinois

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3D Rendering & Real Estate Industry

3D interiors play a vital role for pre-development marketing campaigns as the more real and tangible your product becomes, there are more chances that the prospective buyer will be inclined to take up your offer. It also is necessary because the buyer is committing to purchase a product which actually doesn’t yet exist.

Being an Architect, you may end up spending hours on designing; modifying and refining the best layout of your buildings. You have this incredible ability or the marvel superpower of visualizing your building with utmost accuracy even before it’s built. But your client’s do not possess the ability to visualize the building and interiors as you do, and hence it’s almost impossible to convince them for the built project.

Thanks to 3D rendering, as it helps you in portraying your ideas to the end users more aptly than ever. However, what’s important for you is to sell the building and not just show it. Remember when you want to sell something it requires a lot of focus on small aspects of building and accurate detailing as well.

Creating 3D industrial rendering is a sigh of relief for clients and architects, and the construction companies as well. These rendering services inculcate ground plans that transform these designs into amazing architectural rendering, while walkthroughs and animations are the cherry on your cake. It adds a certain class and depth of understanding to your presentation.

3D rendering service providers are the saviors, as they provide the best tool for marketing your building project, while increasing your sales in the Real Estate Industry. 3D architectural rendering adds life to your designs before they are even built. It gets you buyers in no time, as 3D renderers and modelers take extra care in delivering your idea and putting it across to your clients.

The huge importance of architectural 3D rendering for builders and designers is also because it helps them in getting finances from Investors and banks, by making the design communication, convenient. It also helps General contractors and Project stakeholders to go ahead for building permits avoiding the daunting rejection process.

3D rendering service providers make your design absolutely stand out with the aid of 3D visualization, photo realistic architectural rendering, animation, cutting edge computer graphics, and virtual images lead rendering into an exciting future. It includes of visual presentation for interiors, furniture, several structural and non-structural buildings and landscape projects. Fly by animation and 3D walk through can make your structure more lively giving better view of building.

The rendering sequence bids sublime means to judge any sorts of assets.  Using CAD software creates more simple design deducting the complexities and, Architectural imaging can help you cope the vital financial planning of rendering. With the support of rendering service, neighborhood, landscaping, required ambience and other various multiple options can be easily looked into and resolved earlier to the construction of the actual building design.

3D Exteriors can help your potential buyers to visualize the size and shape of your development, the style of landscaping and the building materials used. By painting a very strong picture of the product you allow the viewer to become emotionally engaged with the potential purchase which helps to influence their decision making processes

3D architectural rendering makes the plain and dull architectural sketches more striking, alluring, and interactive. It suits better to professionals working on it to hand out the precise resources in the exact manner. The 3D models of architectural images created by professionals, comprehend minute detail of the project.

Professionals get to discover texturing, shadows on the project, artificial light, impact of sunlight, and much more. These services include exterior view of the building, architectural redesign for customized furniture, floor plans, landscape designing, 3D floor plan, and interiors of the building. Most architectural renderings solutions fit to meet expectations are it is commercial buildings, residential architectural or industrial buildings.

About Author: Gaurang Trivedi is Engineering consultant at TrueCADD. He has applied his engineering expertise across several highly complex and big scale projects, consequently managing to flawlessly deliver as per the client requirements.

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Edwardsville considers neighborhood grant program

EDWARDSVILLE — The city is set to establish a program that would provide grants to neighborhood associations, pending city council approval.

A resolution approving the Neighborhood Enhancement, Recognition and Grant Initiative Program passed the Administrative and Community Services Committee last week and will be considered by the Edwardsville City Council on Tuesday.

Neighborhood associations are made up of neighbors and business owners who work together to identify projects that would contribute to safety, beautification and connectivity in the community. A neighborhood association differs from a homeowners association, which is a group of property owners who have the legal authority to enforce neighborhood rules and regulations.

The city allocated $40,000 in the fiscal year 2016-17 budget for the program, which would provide up to $5,000 matching grants to neighborhood associations in each of the city’s seven wards for improvement projects. For every dollar awarded by the city, the association will provide an equal or greater match consisting of cash, professional services, building materials, volunteer labor or a combination thereof.

There will be an additional $5,000 available for exceptional proposals.

Examples of projects include signage, landscaping, gardens, tree and flower planting, and neighborhood association start-up funding. The program’s intent is for a project required to be completed within a year. Leftover money will not roll over from year to year.

City Planner Scott Hanson said the program would provide an opportunity to make neighborhoods more varied.

“Edwardsville is a unique place. What do we do in order to have citizens who live here, property owners, make their neighborhoods more unique? How do they personalize their neighborhood? This is a way to do that.” Hanson said.

Neighborhood associations would submit their ideas for projects to a committee of six chairpersons from the existing Beautification and Tree, Cool Cities, Historic Preservation, Planning, Police and Fire, and Zoning Board of Reviews commissions.

Mayor Hal Patton identified the Ebbets Field subdivision as a source of ideas for association projects.

“They invested homeowners association dollars into street signs or into better landscaping at the entrance, into having gatherings of different sorts at Christmas time or picnics during the summer,” Patton said. “These are the kind of ideas I think could be shared from different neighborhood associations.”

Alderman Tom Butts said he has seen neighborhood association projects succeed in other communities.

“In my hometown, they did something similar,” Butts said. “It really turned around a lot of things.”

The program also will serve as a tool to connect city staff with neighborhood associations, which already exist informally in some areas of town. Official recognition of these associations would also improve communication between “neighborhoods, their residents, the private sector, and city government on civic matters affecting the livability and character of their neighborhoods,” according to the proposed resolution.

The city planner said there is language in the resolution that would allow the city to change the application process in the future if necessary. The city council will consider funding for the program annually.

The resolution will be taken up at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Reach Kelsey Landis at 618-208-6460 x 1396 or on Twitter @kelseylandis.

By Kelsey Landis

[email protected]

Reach Kelsey Landis at 618-208-6460 x 1396 or on Twitter @kelseylandis.

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Havre Garden Walk hopes for good weather

Spring has sprung and summer is starting in Montana, and that mean all manner of growing things are opening their leaves and petals. To celebrate, the Havre Art Association hosts its annual Art in the Garden Tour from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, June 26.

Last year’s event was chased away by hail, so organizers are crossing their fingers for good weather this year.

Throughout the five gardens featured in the walk, artwork by more than 16 members of the art association will be on display and for sale among the flowers. This year’s tour features gardens with waterfalls, ponds, creative container garden landscaping, surprising repurposed items, a vegetable garden, a vineyard, a zero-landscaping garden to help conserve water and attract birds and a garden with wonderful color contrasts and textures.

Free refreshments are available with ticket purchase, and all proceeds go back into the community for scholarships, education and art projects in Havre. At the end of the day, one lucky guest’s ticket will be drawn, and the winner gets to select a free piece of artwork from a special section at one of the gardens.

Bullhook Bottoms Garden Club volunteers are on hand to assist with the walk and answer any gardening questions that might come up.

Tickets are $5 each and are available at Cavaliers for Men and Women’s Store, Artitudes Gallery or High Plains Gallery and Frame Shop. You can also buy tickets at each garden the day of the Show. For more information, please call Becky Ross at 265-4723.

Reach Tribune Staff Writer Traci Rosenbaum at 791-1490. Follow her on Twitter @GFTrib_TRosenba.


What: Art in the Garden

When: 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, June 26

Where: Havre

Cost: $5

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Garden Tour showcases different landscapes

An abundance of flora was on display this weekend during the Emporia Garden Tour, an annual fundraiser sponsored by the Lyon County Extension Master Gardeners.

On Saturday, five private gardens were opened to the public. This year’s tour included gardens at the homes of Duane and Jerilynn Henrikson, Mike and Ann Scheller, Wade and Wilma Malone, Lori and Larrie Rainey and at the David Traylor Zoo. The gardens reflect a variety of tastes and styles, providing inspiration for every gardener.

The Malones moved to their home on Old Manor Road from Wade Malone’s native Texas in 1998 and have been transforming the yard ever since. A deck — built by Wade — and small pond grace the back of the house, which leads to a yard filled with a variety of ground cover, flowers and vegetables.

Reflecting his Texas roots, Wade prefers perennials with an emphasis on tropical and Southwestern plants. He has a collection of small succulents in containers placed around the garden, while larger cactus, yuccas and agave are planted in flower beds. A green thumb seems to run in the Malone family. Wade’s grandparents were avid vegetable gardeners, as were Wilma’s parents, and both Malone sons, Billy and Justin, have degrees in horticulture. Three raised beds are devoted to vegetables, and iris borders the East fence in honor of Wade’s grandmother.

“Her favorite flower was iris,” Wade said. “When we moved, I was able to bring a start from her garden, so I actually have one of her iris here.”

Many plants in the Malone garden were collected from loved ones over the years.

“We’re surrounded by plants from family and friends, some of whom are no longer with us, so they have special meaning to us,” Wade said.

Visitors to the Rainey home on Sunset Lake Drive encounter a hidden gem that feels like a country setting, despite being next to the Interstate. When they purchased the home 10 years ago, there was no landscaping, Lori Rainey said.

“We put in everything — the decks, the bridge over the lake, my studio and the garden,” she said.

The property did include a pond and several trees, giving the Raineys a unique opportunity to create an outdoor space that was not only ideal for entertaining, but provided a wildlife habitat for small animals and birds.

As a muskrat swam across the pond and birds serenaded visitors, Lori noted that many of the plants were chosen because they provide food for the animals year-round.

“We love having the birds here and seeing different wildlife,” Lori said. “So we plant things that produce berries and seeds for them. We had deer a couple of days ago and every year we have geese who come visit the pond and show us their babies. It’s our own bit of country living right here in town.”

Funds from the garden tour and the perpetual garden calendar — available at the Lyon County Extension Office — benefit the Master Gardeners and are used for educational horticulture projects in Lyon County.

“In addition to raising money for the Master Gardeners, this is a good opportunity to provide education to people about types of plants and landscaping,” said Carolyn Koch. “A picture is worth a thousand words, and when people can see the gardens, they learn more.”

Those interested in learning more about horticulture are invited to attend the Master Gardener program, a series of classes providing approximately 40 hours of training in home horticulture. More information is available at the Lyon County Extension Office, 341- 3220 or online at

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Landscaping and Gardens

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From the Forum: Can I Keep Bugs Out of My Garden?

A Brownstoner reader wants to know: Is it possible to have a mosquito- and bug-free garden?

Commenters have said it unfortunately isn’t — but they some had tips for minimizing their presence, like getting rid of standing water and avoiding use of bamboo.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping garden pests at bay throughout the year? Share your thoughts below.

Need a professional opinion? Try Brownstoner Services, where you can talk to a concierge (it’s free) or browse our community of pros.

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