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YAKIMA, Wash. — Lenette Roehl’s shop on North Front Street is an elegant Christmas dream: The French-themed Garden Girl is full of textures, scents, white-on-white twists on classic Christmas style, and bold, colorful and myriad objects repurposed to make beautiful displays, found-object style.

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Roehl has owned the home-decor store for almost seven years, and it overflows with style.

When it comes to decorating the table for that special Christmas meal, Roehl tells people to start with what they love.

“I love glassware,” she says. “Anything you can do with glassware and crystals is elegant.”

Think a hurricane glass filled with sparkly Christmas balls. Or crystals hanging from centerpieces and candlesticks, throwing light around the holiday table.

Roehl encourages people to use height to add drama to your table setting, and keep the line-of-sight in mind.

“You want to be able to see the person across the table from you,” she says. Tall tapers and candlesticks, such as the palm wax ones she sells at Garden Girl (which don’t drip or smoke) allows guests to avoid burning themselves as they reach for a plate, but still offer the ambiance of candlelight. She also likes to use cake plates to build height around the table (which can also leave more room for dishes).

A truly elegant feel is found in the details, Roehl says: “Real cloth napkins are a must.”

She also encourages people to use what they have in their house, particularly if they really love a dish or it has special meaning for them, even if it doesn’t feel “Christmasy.”

“My plates are pink and yellow,” she says, but she uses them anyway, because they were her grandmother’s and she enjoys the memory. They also don’t all match, and that’s OK.

A touch of noble fir in a centerpiece highlights the greenery on the plates, and gold ornamental candy canes add the holiday touch.

“Bring in those traditions,” she says. “And keep it simple.”

Instead of the chaos of a lot of colors, Roehl likes to keep things monochromatic. But an unexpected pop of color or the use of nontraditional textures — like burlap — can make an otherwise simple table setting memorable.

Favors and namecards are also a place to have some fun, Roehl says. This year she was inspired by a lemon tree she has blooming in her apartment, and so she created favors by slicing the ends of a lemon, poking a white rose blossom into it and placing it in a crystal glass. The favor is fragrant and beautiful. You could also write each person’s name on a citrus or magnolia leaf and add it to the glass, or tuck in a handful of evergreen for a more holiday touch.

While the holidays are always busy at Garden Girl, Roehl says this year has been particularly hectic, but she has also seen a return of excitement about Christmas in her customers after several years of recession-driven blues.

“This year, people are really jubilant,” Roehl says. “It’s been really joyous.”

In addition to holiday decor, Garden Girl also sells plants and greenery, including nobel pine, boxwood, magnolia, and pepperberries. Roehl is also selling Christmas trees by order and decorates pots for Christmas, as well as offering design consultation.

For more information, visit Garden Girl at 25 N. Front St. in Yakima, call 509-452-2612 or email